A graphic design crash course for all people who want to build their own good-looking websites


This is a website that will teach both design and non-design students the basics of graphic design, as they are applied to web design. You will find mini-tutorials that will show you simple ways of creating web-site identities (such as a logo or a header). You will learn the basics of working with fonts, with images, and with color. You will also be given tips on how to assemble your design elements into a graphic design structure/system. And you will also get links to resources and tutorials, of course. These will be listed at the bottoms of the pages that they are related to.

It would have been pretty much inconceivable to think of web design in terms of general graphic design layout principles only a few years ago, when websites were bounded by rigid table structures that did not really allow for the manipulation of design elements. However, all that has changed with HTML5. This site will show you how to design a site in Adobe Muse, but you can take what is shown here and equally apply it to online platforms such as wix that also work with HTML5 editors.


But before we get going, let us think of the most important thing of all - your site's content.

On the web Good Content rules!

Good web design is all about creating good content! Even a really good looking web site will not get viewers unless there is something there that will make people want to read it, look at it (a photography website, for example), get information from it, etc etc.


So, start thinking about the contents of the web site that you want to design in this course NOW! Will it be about you? About your work? About a hobby of yours? Politics? Sports? Environment? Animals? Cooking? Fashion? ...? Once you have a subject, then putting a site together will start to be a lot of fun, so start giving this some thought now!


And here, to help you along, are some webpages that give you some pointers in how to write really good web content:








Well designed websites to get inspired by...

flat design

responsive sıtes

mobile apps

single page sites

This site has been built for the web design course VA333 taught at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. Contact: ayiter@sabanciuniv.edu

Icons by Luis Prado, Taylor Medlin, Marco Hernandez, Dmitry Mirolyubov, Sara Quintana, iconsmind.com, John Melven at the Noun Project.