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I love playing around with text, and yet I hardly ever have the words themselves inside my head. So, what I end up doing is use the poetry or the prose of others, or sometimes I use generative text. I have no idea why I cannot make up a tale. It seems that my mind only works in single instances that have no past or future.

Another thing is that I am very tired of words. It seems like as if all I ever do is talk. All everyone does is talk, for that matter. A global obsession with communication. Usually short sentences so that they can also fit on twitter. This I do not like. I do not want to share anything and everything in short snippets. I would, however, like to tell a long tale, if I could – which, unfortunately, I can’t.

Recently I have been very disenchanted. Still am actually. And, with this kind of deep level turn off from life, words would not work anyway, even if I had the talent to make them into a tale. Hence – asemia:


Unexpected and nice! I was interviewed!

Luciana Pinazzo put this small interview with me on mondi virtuali, an Italian website for virtual worlds:

Needless to say, I am utterly delighted! Not everyday that something like this happens where one is allowed to share some of one’s thoughts on the world that one works in. Thank you Luciana, for the opportunity! And for publishing the entirety of what I said.


New dynamic display thingy @ blogspot

I am trying out the dynamic viewer that blogspot has recently added to their template collection:

Admittedly, there are a few problems with it – like no link list for example. The post titles are too big and you cannot make them smaller, so I did not give any of the posts titles. The bottom line is, unlike all other blogspot templates, this one does not allow you to edit the HTML. And the advanced customization editor is also very limited in what it can do. Just change colors and fonts basically. As I said, even changing font sizes won’t work… Ouch!

And not all the viewing versions look good – the one called “snapshot” looks awful in fact. And you cannot disable them, the visitor gets the choice, which is always listed at the top. (Although I did sort of get around that one by making the type color the same as the background color – teeee heeee).

But still, for something like this that contains photos only, with no big explanations or anything to go with them, it is quite a neat little display system.


New little website for Uranometria

Looking back on it, I have to admit that I am rather proud of Uranometria. So, I had been wanting to make a little dedicated website for the “cage,” indeed this has been an item on my endless wish list of things-I-want-to-do for quite some time…

Since I am now finally slowly getting round to putting new stuff together, as well as taking care of long neglected chores such as updating websites, doing videos out of the terabytes of fraps captures which I have made in the metaverse for all these years, I decided that I would start with this:


Play, Space and Text

Haven’t been making any posts on this site for quite some time. Initially the reason was that I was writing my PhD, and once that was out of the way I did not feel like writing anything – period!

Tomorrow is the first day of a four day international conference on typography called istype which my colleague Onur has organized and is also chairing. Given his recognition in the field he has had no difficulty in bringing together a group of speakers which is dauntingly glamorous – to say the least. So, some of the very best known names, both design theoreticians and typographic practitioners will be here in Istanbul sharing their trade secrets, and strutting their stuff.

Although I tried to dissuade him as much as I could (I am not a typographer – only a graphic designer; and so I am not really at all sure that I fit into the field of the event, and even more importantly I really do not have the level of expertise that will be in the auditorium representing that field) Onur insisted that I should give a talk on 3D text. So, I prepared 3 videos and I will be on the stand directly after Ellen Lupton, who is one the best regarded graphic design theoretician/curator around today (and whom I greatly admire!), at 11.00 am tomorrow.

brrrr…. I really am terrified: These folks can measure a pixel at 10 meters – not even a problem! They have eyes like hawks and taste to burn, and furthermore they really really know their stuff, and not only from a technical point of view but in every conceivable way – aesthetics, history, design principles, systems, related theory… So, you cannot fob them off with any old thing that quite a few other audiences would be perfectly happy to buy. What you show here does have to be top notch – and not by my usual standards but by theirs – which are bound to be incredibly high when it comes to visual systems; and not only for typographic design but for all visual systems. Which, at the end of the day, is what this stuff is all about.

One thing is an absolute certainty, however: I will be learning a lot during these 4 days! And that I am already very happy about. Once the talk is out of the way…

One of the videos which I made especially for this event is a condensed version of LPDT2 (which incidentally is nowadays on its way to becoming LPDT3), which you can view at the top of this post.