alpha.tribe tales When I submit my dissertation I will also have to show creative output since mine is a practice based PhD. (And yes – unfortunately I blew the December 31 deadline, so the new one is now March 30…). For the default documentation I will be handing in straightforward DVDs with images/videos inside folders so that the examiners can find...

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Was Walt Disney a fascist?

The biggest evidence for people who say that he was is that he was a founding member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, which was an anti-communist organization during the McCarthy years. And he also testified before the infamous Un-American Activities Committee. And yes – both of these are unnerving political standpoints, no question whatsoever....

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The Wondrous Tales of Eupalinos Ugajin and Naxos Loon

The material of a recent talk which I gave at the CR12 conference in Lisbon: (paper) (presentation)

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elm tea… the gypsies swear by it!

I was looking for an episode from Fawlty Towers which I was telling my sister about earlier today when I came across this. The funny bit starts around minute 8 and is actually just a few lines. But those few lines are worth almost the entire series.

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“entre loup et chien”

Abstract This paper attempts to examine the workings of the unconscious, specifically in the sense in which it was defined by Sigmund Freud as the dream-work, the joke-work and the image-work. Freud’s findings and theories related to the unconscious image-work were put into practice by the surrealist artists of the early 20th century and may also come into play in...

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Donald Kuspit

Quotes from an interview which he gave in 2004 and which I may use later:

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my life…

I have locked myself up until I finish this, namely my PhD thesis. I have to hand it in by December 15th, reason being that I have delayed it to the point where I am no longer eligible for a reduced write-up fee and have to pay the full tuition. Which is of course very high. And hence the rush....

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And then all the toys that I want to play with…

Speaking of stuff which I want to do and cannot get around to doing, first up the list is always playing around with new software. I have a semi-private blog, and today I chanced upon this post in there that I made almost a year ago, which I had of course forgotten about by now. In it I am saying all...

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the (not so) starving (new media) artist’s istanbul survival blog

A while ago, when my colleague Lanfranco Aceti who is organizing the ISEA2011 conference here in Istanbul voiced some worries about how the delegates would know where to get lunch around the conference venue, I offered to help with that. His concern is correctly founded: The conference is going to be held in one of the business districts of Istanbul...

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